Steve Trefethen

Steve Trefethen

Founder, Active Broker, and Visionary Real Estate Expert

Steve Trefethen, a seasoned visionary in the world of real estate, has dedicated over 48 years to shaping the industry with a unique blend of hard work, ethics, and innovation. His journey began on the vibrant streets of Boston, Massachusetts, where he learned the core values of integrity and diligence from his grandfather, Domonic.

At the tender age of 18, Steve ventured into the real estate domain in sunny Florida, marking the inception of a remarkable career. Through dedication and unwavering principles, he established a thriving landscaping business, Summerview, among his various endeavors.

Steve’s life story is a testament to the power of resilience and tenacity. From working at the Hood Milk factory to collaborating with his grandfather on Commercial Street in Boston, he imbibed the spirit of entrepreneurship and the significance of community relationships.

After relocating to Florida, starting a family with his wonderful wife Laura, and raising two sons, Dominic and Vincent, Steve weathered the storms of Hurricane Andrew. This pivotal moment prompted his return to New England, where he decided to embark on a new path in real estate.

Summerview Real Estate, under Steve’s guidance, embodies a unique approach to the industry, combining traditional values with cutting-edge technology. The company’s ethos centers around proactive engagement, actively connecting with clients and partners to ensure exceptional results.

As Steve’s sons, Dominic and Vincent, pursued their respective fields, they continued to uphold the family’s legacy of entrepreneurship and innovation. Vincent Trefethen, now a licensed Realtor® and Real Estate Agent, is leading Summerview Real Estate into a new era, driven by a passion for growth and expansion.

Steve Trefethen’s remarkable journey from Boston’s bustling streets to founding Summerview Real Estate reflects the enduring values of hard work, ethics, and innovation. His dedication to excellence continues to shape the real estate landscape, making Summerview Real Estate a beacon of trust, integrity, and success.