Decorate Your Home With Greens

As what most people say, “Home is my happy place.”  A home is an enjoyable, pleasurable place where we can live peacefully, be carefree and be happy. To some, this is an old place where life started, where first baby steps are taken – where life actually begins. To others, this is a new place for a new beginning, trying to start over and build a satisfying life with their whole new family and create whole new unforgettable memories. However, to some, this is not the case and a home is only composed of a house – just a plain building, where family members live but estranged with a lack of connection.

But, no matter what home means to each person – whether it’s an empty house filled with strangers in our lives or a place where love and happiness is the foundation – we can never deny the fact that each one of us long for a place where we can be ourselves and be able to express the inner artist within us and one way of expressing the inner us is by beautifying our houses which make each home distinct from other houses.

One trend that has been going on since 1970’s is designing our homes with indoor plants. From decorating the living room to our bathrooms with different varieties of plants, we are ought to reveal the designer that lurks within us, making every part of the house as renewing and invigorating as possible. What is more exciting is it not only make our houses a lovely haven but a healthy home as well providing us an abundant supply of oxygen that is freely given by these gorgeous plants.

During the COVID pandemic, people have been dealing with anxiety and stress COVID has been causing us and for these past few months, not only are our we facing a threat of catching the NCOV virus but this global crisis also poses a threat to our mental state by not allowing us to get out of our homes. One way of coping up with the strain and pressure it has all been giving us was by households diverting their attention into planting greens and decorating their homes with different kinds of plants.

Aside from being use as an interior design, here are some benefits we get from plants.

Plants are stress-relievers. Plants are proven to reduce stress and anxiety. Have you tried going outdoors, have a walk with nature and do nothing else but stare at the trees and plants we encounter along the way? It gives us composure and tranquility – one we can never get from our stressful life. But, instead of going out, why not bring these stress-relievers inside our house? According to a study, Journal of Physiological Anthropology, active interaction with indoor plants creates positive feelings thus reducing physiological and psychological stress. Cultivating plants not only make our houses beautiful but it also soothes us from the tension life has been giving us. Plants provides people with a positive way to channel their stress and frustration into something beautiful that provides them with comfort and joy.

Plants enhance air quality.  Air pollution is not only present outdoors but also exists indoors and could be a lot more contaminated.

According to Smarter House, there are different kinds of indoor air pollutants which pose a threat to our heath from simple allergies to lung cancer. Different toxins are present inside our houses which we acquire from simple and common sources present in most houses- such as furniture, carpets, paints -and could be toxic to human health if these toxins accumulate.  Plants not only beautify our homes but they also absorb toxins and can improve indoor air quality. It improves air quality through several mechanisms: they absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen through photosynthesis, they increase humidity by transpiring water vapor through microscopic leaf pores, and they can passively absorb pollutants on the external surfaces of leaves and on the plant root-soil system.

Now, you might want to give it a second thought and make “plants” in your home decoration checklist. You must be wondering right now what kind of plants are good for indoors? Well, worry no more as for starters, we have some list that you might take into consideration. Let’s not just talk about making your house aesthetically beautiful but also beneficial to our health.

Some plants to consider:

Guiana Chestnut

Guiana Chestnut, most commonly known as the Money Tree, has been first popularized as a houseplant in Taiwan in the 1980s, the Money Tree is well known among those who practice Feng Shui and is believed to create positive “Chi,” or energy in the home. Stick it in a spot with bright, indirect light and water regularly, preferably near windows.


Yucca plants are striking and low maintenance—a perfect combo for ideal houseplants. Yucca plants do best in a partly shaded location that receives bright, indirect light. Just water them sparingly but if you notice they look too thirsty, well maybe add a little bit more water.

Although yucca plants may grow in sunnier spots, their appearance could suffer from brown tips or white spots on their leaves. You might want to re-pot your yucca plant in the future. It’s easy and will of course save you some money!

Peace Lily

The peace lilies (not a true lily), of the genus Spathiphylla, are easy-growing, vigorous tropical herbs forming clumps; they have green foliage and a succession of flowerlike leaves (spathes), usually white. They’re beautiful and easy to take care of. Keep the soil moist, but do not overwater. Peace lilies can tolerate short periods of dry soil, but their leaves will start to brown if neglected for too long.

They can also grow even without soil – just them in a vase, make sure the water can reach the roots but water level should be below the base so the stem and leaves won’t rot from being constantly wet.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a stemless or very short-stemmed plant with thick and fleshy, green to grey-green leaves. It’s easy to grow and requires too little attention. Aloe has been known for its benefits – from healing wounds to lowering blood sugar levels –  and has been used in cosmetics and some ointments. Next time you go shopping indoor plants, add aloe vera on your must-have lists.


Mother-in-law’s Tongue

Mother-in-law’s tongue (one of many sansevierias) is tough to kill. It is very tolerant to low light levels but equally as happy in sunlight. Frequent watering is not required and can even go a month without watering it (but don’t be too harsh).

The leaves are typically tall, stiff, and vertical, earning it the other nickname “snake plant.” This beautiful evergreen has long, stiff, and dark-green, vertical leaves, which feature striking light-green bands. It absorbs toxins, such as nitrogen oxides and is great for improving indoor air quality.

The next time you beautify your house, think about adding indoor plants.  As mentioned previously, they not only enhance the exquisiteness of your home but also has beneficial effects to the people living in the house. Some people use different pots that make it look hilarious. Some make it creepy. There are a variety of plants you can choose from and a number of ways to express your own style. Just be creative enough.